How it works

Does god feel distant

“I can’t hear

God’s voice”

“I don’t really

believe God

loves me.”

Does god feel distant


“I can’t hear

God’s voice”

“I don’t really

believe God  

loves me.”


ALCC Transformation center is a local movement turned global. It began from a simple goal to see a strong SOZO™ Inner Healing ministry launched in New Jersey, in order to see the captive set free.  This ministry was founded to help people connect with their authentic selves. To live their life to their fullest potential, to live in freedom, and be reconnected with their spirit, soul, and body.

Pastor Christopher Hussey & Pastor Nataly Galichansky have a strong conviction that Transformational Center Sozo ministry helps create wholeness in individuals, who then begin to walk out their purpose and calling.  In prayer, the Lord began to reveal a larger vision: a Transformation Center to bring transformation and breakthrough to those who want it, locally and globally.  In partnership with the team, ALCC Transformation center helps people to step into their Kingdom identity. ALCC is a prime location for demonstrating how caring people can make a long-term impact in a family’s lives through carefully integrated services.




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ALCC Transformational Center is comprised of several ministries that provide counseling and inner healing to our  community. Sozo, individual, marriage, and family counseling is available from seasoned pastoral counselors.

We foresee Transformational Center as a ministry which will provide healing and rejuvenation to people throughout the New Jersey, as well as pastors, veteran ministers, and leaders both locally and internationally.

Ministries and Services will eventually include:

  • SOZO™ Ministry
  • Restoring the Foundations (RTF)  
  • Prophetic Counseling
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Soaking Room
  • Healing Rooms
  • Holistic Therapy (naturopathy & chiropractic)
  • Exercise / Nutritional training
  • Ongoing training and discipleship to develop anointed healing ministers


Sozo is a biblical Greek word translated as saved, healed, or delivered. Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry aimed at getting to the root of things hindering a person’s relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

With a healed connection to the Trinity, the person can better understand their identity and the purposes to which they have been called.

Many people considering whether they need a Sozo find themselves asking one or more of the following:

  1. Is this a spiritual issue?
  2. Do I feel disconnected from God?
  3. Do I feel trapped in hopelessness, depression, anxiety, sin and/or addiction
  4. Are past traumatic experiences causing spiritual and/or emotional barriers that are holding me back?

If you’re unsure where to start, we suggest a Sozo. Get God’s perspective on your life and a fresh encounter of His love.

Fee Schedule

  • $70 per session

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Success Stories

“This experience broke the bondage I had felt for years, allowing me to forgive, release and bless those people whom I had hurt and who had hurt me in the past, allowing me to walk hand in hand with Papa in freedom. They gave me the confidence I needed.. Since I have been with them  I’ve had no problems they contact me on a regular basis to see how things are going. So far one of the best  place I have participated with.”

Jakob Filips

“I was able to reconcile with my family, none of whom I saw for years, and now God is making those relationships better than they ever have been. Opportunity to participate for a good company, around good people. Just a very professional environment. Training provided and there was always someone to go to for additional assistance if needed. I have new  knowledge that I can add to my ability. I recommend them with all my heart.”.

John Boll

“Interestingly, within 2 hours after returning to work following the prayer session, I received a call with a new consulting job from an old client…it perhaps was a sign that the prayers were beginning to make things pop up. There are also many Life lessons we can learn moreover it is like a University. Overall, they took more time to make me feel part of the group.”

Naveen Dutt

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