Abundant Life Community Church Transformation Center

You were created to thrive not to simply survive.

Are You Feeling Anxious, Depressed, Overwhelmed, Or Stuck?

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We are a Holy Spirit-led ministry, so each session will be different. As we conduct each session, The Holy Spirit guides us and instructs us in gently ministering to your heart. Our trauma-informed team uses SOZO, Deliverance, and Heart Healing techniques.

At the Abundant Life Transformation Center, by partnering with the Godhead, we help you to reconnect with the different parts of your heart that feel disconnected, forgotten, or broken.

Ministry sessions are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

In-person appointments are available Monday through Friday at Abundant Life Community Church in Port Murray, New Jersey.

Zoom Appointments are available upon special request

Freedom is just one step away                   

Experience Breakthrough For Yourself.

During a session at the Transformation Center, our ministry team will aid you in removing barriers that are keeping you from living an abundant life.

This is a time of interacting with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for wholeness and pursuing your destiny.

Sessions are conducted by two or three team members and may last 90 minutes.

Our Transformation Center team is trained and equipped to walk you through the process toward freedom and wellness.

Learn more about our Transformation Center Ministry process.

Live your Life

to the Fullest            


“It was the most powerful, life-changing, miraculous experience I ever had with the Lord. Jesus is more real to me now, more than ever.”


After my session I am feeling much more at peace, no thoughts consuming my mind. No suicidal thoughts or hopelessness, I have HOPE now!!!

Brielle F.

Coming into the session as a victim full of shame, guilt, and condemnation. Was not able to hear the voice of God. When my session was over not only I was able to recognize and hear the voice of my Creator, but also He told me I am NOT guilty and clean !!!!! The best experience ever!

Daniele M.

“Meeting the Father who loves and forgives and heals the heart was a powerful and freeing experience for me. I was struggling with anger and rage all of my adult life. During the session, I met with the Father God who is not angry with me, who healed my heart and called me SON !!!!

I’m a different man today.

Mike R.

Freedom Awaits

Are you ready to take the next step toward living an abundant life in freedom?