Kathy Abruzzo

Kathy has a hunger in her heart, soul, and spirit to live fully in the purpose God has created her for. After gracefully learning how to lay aside many distractions in life she began to audibly hear the voice of God. First He told her to heal, rest and restore herself after losing both her husband and mother to illnesses. Then He told her that her Ministry and purpose were right in front of her and He would bring people into her life who needed spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

She began training as a facilitator in the Transformational Healing Ministry after training in Guided Prayer ministry, Christian Healing Ministry, and 32 years as a therapeutic massage therapist. Her heart is for people to be set free and restored from brokenness, trauma, grief, loss, and brokenheartedness. She has a mother’s heart and a smile that brings trust and healing. She loves nature and all of God’s beauty, spending quality time with people, homeschooling her grandson every Thursday, crafting, painting, and to re-Charm old furniture.